Covid 19 pandemy: Italian Lockdown in Milan
Covid 19 pandemy: Italian Lockdown in Venice
January 2015: big rally in Paris for freedom of expression and against terrorism
Solar Impulse is writing new pages of aviation history using solar energy, including even a round-the-world flight with no fuel and no polluting emissions. Solar Impulse is demonstrating the enormous potential of clean Technologies for energy saving and renewable energy production.(ENG)
"Internet para todos" is a government program to spread education and access to the digital world of the entire population. Vehicles equipped with computer and a broadband internet connection reaches every village in Ecuador to educate the population.(ENG)
AVSI and Fundacion Sembrar manage the Monsignor Luigi Giussani center and organize school and after-school activities, recreational training. Support one community and 5 family kindergartens as well as family support activities and training for parents and educators. The center employs local staff and some Italian volunteers.(ENG)
In Berlin 30% of the population has not German origins, and almost 20% did not come from Europe. The Italians are now more than 16 thousand, and many young people are involved in the expansion that the city is having like one of the European centers of the digital economy. The city is full of start-ups. According to the German Chamber of Commerce in recent years were founded in Berlin over 1500 web based businesses.(ITA)
Italy, Milan - Building sites of new suburbs and infrastructures that are changing the city face and skyline..
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